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The people of Seville need no excuse to eat out, at any time of day or any time of year. Indeed, in the centre of Seville you cannot walk ten paces without coming across a restaurant, a tavern or tapas bar that is famous for its quality and for some of its dishes. Below we will recommend some of these typical places and describe where they are. At certain times, such as Easter week, the April Fair, and even weekends, you need to book in advance to get a table in some of these establishments.

In the historic centre of the city there are so many bars that we can only mention a few of them. Some of the more notable include the Bodeguita Romero at number 10 of Harinas street, the Taberna del Alabardero, which is also the Escuela de Hostelería (Hotel and Catering School) and is situated in la calle Zaragoza, next to the City Hall square. In the heart of the shopping centre we can find the typical Patio San Eloy, in the calle San Eloy. This establishment is famous for its tapas and for the bar’s Sevillian patio. You cannot get more typical than the most traditional patisserie in the centre of Seville, La Campana, which makes the most characteristic sweets of the region and of the time of year.

In the cathedral area of the centre is Casa Robles, in calle Álvarez Quintero, and Dos Columnas, famous for its “pringá” canapés. In the Arenal and the plaza of the Gavidia, in the heart of the centre are Bodega Dos de Mayo and the Casa de Extremadura. In the central plaza of the Alfalfa we can find, among other establishments, Los Coloniales, which is famous for its tapas. In addition, in the centre in San Bartolomé we can find one of Seville’s most emblematic tapas bars, where you can listen to typical live music. This bar is called La Carbonería. In San Lorenzo there is a tapas bar where it is difficult to find a space to enjoy their food. This is the Eslava. If you can get in, make the best of it.

Also close to the cathedral, next to the University and the Hotel Alfonso XIII, is the Restaurante Oriza, one of the most elegant restaurants in Seville, which has excellent food and service in an unforgettable setting.
These are some options for the historic area of Seville that is closest to our houses. However, we also recommend other establishments. For example, to enjoy the best Italian food in Seville, try a San Marco restaurant, of which there are several around the city. The best known can be found in calles Cuna and Betis. Calle Betis is situated in one of the most famous neighbourhoods in Seville—Triana—where we can find other highly recommend establishments such as José Luis and La Flor de mi Niña.

One of the most characteristic bars of Seville is Gambrinus. There are several of these spread around the city. Likewise, the Fogón de Leña or Bodegas la Andaluza have several premises. One or several of these establishments can be found in the major shopping centres in Seville.


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